Manifesto international -ENGLISH-


Feminist women, from all corners of the world, on this 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women:


That inequality between men and women has been promoted by the patriarchal system through a set of economic, political and cultural mechanisms, thus enabling sexual and reproductive exploitation

That violence perpetrated by men from all over the world through prostitution and learnt in pornography is denigrating the image of women, as well as normalizing men’s sexual violence and boosting inequality between men and women.

That in the last decades, neoliberal capitalism has commoditized every aspect of human activity including sexuality and human reproduction. Therefore, millions of women and girls – many of them living in extreme poverty – have been reduced to mere goods for sexual and reproductive exploitation.

That the discourse of neoliberal capitalism on individual freedom and consent has being the ideological ground to legitimize women and girls’ exploitation in pornography, prostitution and wombs for rent.

That the pro-prostitution lobby, made up of johns and pimps, some of them holding qualified positions of power, are creating pressure, so that pornography, prostitution and wombs for rent be legalised and considered free choice activities, while hiding that such trades are based on criminality, violence, inequality, human trafficking and slavery.


  • That relevant International Organisations ADOPT a Universal Convention on the PROTECTION OF WOMENS’ AND GIRLS’ HUMAN RIGHTS AGAINST ALL FORMS OF PATRIARCHAL VIOLENCE.
  • That this Universal Convention contain a definition of all forms of violence, including prostitution and wombs for rent, as violent acts contrary to women’s human rights.
  • That States adopt domestic pieces of legislation to punish and penalise all forms of pimping, and establish mechanisms for the confiscation of any profit obtained from sexual exploitation of women and minors which would be directly used to help the survivors.
  • That States promote legislation to punish the demand on prostitution, since johns are directly responsible for this extreme form of violence.
  • That States eliminate every law or regulation that punishes and/or fines women in prostitution, along with any criminal or administrative record from the application of previous legislation.
  • That States put in place sufficient mechanisms and resources to ensure that women in prostitution can escape from this extreme form of exploitation and violence.
  • That States pass legislation to prevent every form of women’s reproductive exploitation and safeguard their legal systems from normalizing and/or validating wombs for rent contracts through laws and/or regulations.

Prostitution, pornography and wombs for rent are brutal forms of sexual abuse and violence perpetrated against women and girls: for this reason, we, feminist women, unite our voices to publicly denounce the impunity of perpetrators and the Governments’ lack of commitment to abolish such practices which reproduce inequality and violence.

September 7, 2018


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